Seeing is believing, isn't it?


Kafha: Laboratory for Humanity and Culture held an event named 'Paramadina Bakti Negeri' on November 26th until December 20th, 2010.

The main idea of this event is bulding humanity consciousness in people who stand in the land without any disastrous nature event (yet) to people who stand in the land with.white sand in their hand. But it's not an ordinary sand. It was their home sweet home a couple of months ago. Merapi's explotion got their home shattered.

  Kafha collected the coins for them in approximately one month by several actions: ngamen from park to park in Jakarta, spreaded a bamboo money boxes to every single Paramadina University corners, spreaded gunny-sacks to let people throw recycled bottle or glass there, searched for donators all around the world Paramadina University, and also sold our humanity festival tickets (collaborating with "Imunisasi Puisi", a culture event held by Kafha, too).

We were strive hard for them. Because we realize that god within us told us to do so.


Ngamen  at some parks in Jakarta

Gunny-sacks haunted Paramadina, =D 

Bamboo money box for your coins

Our Humanity and Culture Event

Our hardwork results IDR 6.890.000 ++ for Merapi's victims that consists of:
200 packages of kiddies bag for elementary children in Kradenan Village, Srumbung - Magelang
IDR 500.000 for education enhancement in MI Muhammadiyah Kradenan I - Magelang
IDR 1.390.000 for SEMBAKO (delivered by MER-C)

Kafha then goes to the disaster area. With the help of Forum Indonesia Muda (FIM), Kafha went to Kradenan Village, Magelang. Kafha Paramadina and friends from FIM Rescue were not only delivering cash, but also delivering courage to people in Kradenan Village to live on.

kiddies bag for girl

Dr. Mia, a friend from FIM Rescue, is teaching health issue to Kradenan kids  

Reni: G-O-O-D A-F-T-E-R-N-O-O-N, kiddos! Now we learn word M-U-R-D-E-R. =P

A whole new family in Kradenan Village

BL: Wooi! Napa lo juga dapet tas sekolaah!

The most delicious Salak Pondok I have ever met 

Mariyo: I am cute enough, right?

Wedhus Gembel's fingerprint

Aco, Mariyo, Irviene, and Reni from PBN with fellas from MER-C Yogyakarta

Someone said to me:
"It's too late to distribute helps to Merapi's victim. This time is for other disaster!"

I have learnt something when I see Kradenan Village. When the journalists ended disaster story on their newspaper, it doesn't mean the victim's pain was also ended.

The pain still remains. The tears still leaks to their pants. The struggle still a long way to go.

While the people like us now, just 'leyeh-leyeh' in front of TV watching Spongebob Squarepants or Justin Bieber, shouting our servant to turn-on the AC so we can sleep in a very comfortable way. It's not the way how to live righteously, indeed.

Let us feel their pain just a little bit, so we can pray with all of our heart.
Praying for their happiness and sadness. Praying for their laugh and tears.
So god -with whatever nickname we call- could bless them. And us.


I'm praying now =)

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