Coming Back to Hometown with a Troop Behind!


So, this is how I spend my only two weeks campus holiday!
Some friends of mine -Asri, Luti, Fia, Via, and Ipeh- backpacked to Malang, East Java, after they (and also me) have explored Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and Madura satisfiedly. It was our plan to explore East Java in holiday.

When it comes to my hometown, I was actually wondering, "Malang punya apa?". I'm not kind of 'gaul' or 'mbolang' person that knows every hippest places or every single cool corners in this city (Yeah, I admit that I am a nerdy that formerly couldn't ride a motorcycle, loves to read books, and watches korean movies haha). So, I am as the host got little confused about 'mau di bawa kamana atuh anak-anak ini?'.

Jawa Timur Park? Slash! Money's limited.
Batu Night Spectacular? Slash! There was a slide to that area.
Balekambang Beach? Slash! No transportation.
Malang Town Square? Slash! Jakarta has like millions Malls. Why we have to go to Mall again?

So, we decided to spend this holiday to enjoy the homey moomey place at ase's village. It was hillarious! It's like meeting the other side of Malang that I have never grabbed before. 

poop berjamaah


I still can feel the way that place treated me. I don't know why, but time went so sloooowly there. It made my mind peaceful and not worry about rushy thing. One thing (again) to ensure me not to live in Jakarta. hahaha.

In the night we want to eat surabi at Surabi Imut, but fortunately it was raining that day, so we were running out of the stock. So, we decided to eat Bakso Pasundan. It's funny actually to think about why the Jakartans goes far far away to East Java and enjoy sundanese culinary tour there. hahaha. 

Then, we take pictures in Tugu and Balai Kota Malang (thanks to Balkot guards who allowed us taking picts there). 

Balai Kota Malang

Bakso Pasundan (?)

Beautiful night at Tugu Malang

Oh, I love Malang and I promise to myself. Even if I live in Jakarta now, Malang still the city that always stay in my heart. :)

Babbling Lady:

Arema tidak ke mana-mana tapi ada di mana-mana, ker! Yihaaa

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