Jogja: Never Ending Asia, Jakarta: Never Ending Hecticness


Opportunity strikes me again. Yogyakarta I'm coming, honey! Backpacked with Oksidea Riveta, Tika Emmawati, and Latifa Dini Archam after take a rest in my hometown. 
Yeah, you're right. Exploring Jogja is really a never ending story!

1. Vreederberg Fortress
Vreederberg is great for taking a rest because of its shady trees and benches. Want to have a history tour? It has diorama about Yogyakarta history towards its freedom from colonialist. 

At Vreederberg Fortress

2. Mirota Batik
Heaven in the city for those who craving for shopping 'till drop like me. Arts, Batik Dresses, Souvenirs, Paintings, and even middle-high rooftop restaurant are in Mirota Batik. The price is awesome, and I guarantee you will not satisfied in first arrival, because .. you want more! you want more! ahaha

Batik everywhere

Local Tobaccos and Cigarettes

Don't forget to enjoy this delicacy!

3. BNI Intersection

Great place to take picts with some old buildings (BNI, Bank Indonesia, Pos Indonesia, etc.). It also place for hanging out and sometimes the meeting spot for the Yogyakarta old bicycle community.

4. Taman Sari
Years ago, this place is a bathing place for sultan's mistresses. When he want to enjoy the moment with one of them, he will throw something while they were bathing. The one who get that 'something' must serve her 'husband', the Sultan. 

Very interesting view. No wonder some couples enjoy the romantic atmosphere there by .. hemm you know laah :) 

5. ALKID (Alun-alun Kidul)
This is where the two legendary Banyan Trees live. There is local wisdom that said if someone could walk passing area between those tree with closed eyes, he/she will get anything what he/she want. I don't believe it, indeed. But, I'm kind of proud to myself that I can pass those Banyan Trees in fifth trial. ahaha. In Alkid, local residents rent fun bike for IDR 5000/lap rotating the Alun-alun. I tried it with Kharisma Creativani, my dormitory friend in Paramadina that spend her holiday in her hometown (Jogja). It was my first time to ride two seated bicycle, and it's soo damn fun!

Me, Oksi, Tika, Billy, Heru, Ive

Oh my, love is in the air! Heru and Ive. haha

One thing that I admire about Jogja is it really pay attention to details. As a city with huge amount of artist, arts is really everywhere!

Our trip to Jogja is over, now .. exploring Jakarta!

What are you loking at, dude!

1. Central Park
Just another Mall trip. But we are having fun J.Coing and take picts :)

Mbadhog iki cak!
 2. Monas
Monas is fun. We were playing kites (It was my dream so long ago to play kites in Monas, thanks God), taking picts (as usual), and see the dancing fountain. Fun fun fun!

3. Kota Tua (Old Town)

No exception to say, "This place is awesome!"
ehm, okay, except some of people, I guess. We don't like to judge people as alay or something similar, but .. I don't know, they seems 'different'. 

Our trip is over!

Babbling Lady:

lalalalala, liburan wes mari cak! saiki belajar yo!

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