Hello April! Wishlist is Waiting!


Some things in March's Wishlist were not done yet. I entered none competition now (WTF?!), one book, not-too-active user of Kaskus, not yet committed to healthy living, and my Wikipedia plan were just flown like a feather. But enough of the dissapoinment. At least I've done some good thing in March: New dream, practiced theater routinely, have a not-yet-boiled-but-promising business, and blogged very often! 

And, oh yes. I'm 20 now. Thanks people for making my 20th birthday sweet and memorable. Thanks dormitory friends for the surprise, Anggi for the softy-make-me-sleepy pillow, Hana for the necklace that I were really craving for, Kharisma for the aw-aw-awesome digital collage, Thalita with the very sweet voice note, and all of my friendsies out there. You know, I just can't mention your name one-by-one. But, you're the best-best-best!

Collage by Kharisma Creativani

This is warm April and I am soo ready to catch happiness here!

1. Still ISO-ing in Kaskus. I've gotta be work harder this month!

2. Secret fashion project

3. Successfully run Kafha Organization Management Workshop in this mid-April

4. Touch the violin. Yes, I miss you sooo

5. One a week book: Critical Thinking by Brooke Noel Moore and Richard Parker; Automatic Wealth by Michael Masterson; Dead Poet Society.

6. Still Healthy Living - Green tea one-a-day, Jog 30 mins, sleep well, and Fruits!

7. More serious in absorbing campus lesson

8. American Sign Language! I'm horribly ready!

9. Plan for these later three months holiday: soft skill and hard skill enhancement

10. One competition or achievement to go

10. Laugh, Pay Attention, and Fight for the Truth!

Babbling Lady:

Then, shut up your mumbling mouth and just go!

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