Hijabers Community Launching: March 19, 2011 - The Event


March 19 that I've been waiting for has already came!

It's Hijabers Community Launching!

So, I was there three hours late because I was too D.O.D.O.L. I used TransJakarta from Mampang to Pondok Indah Lestari and got the wrong way. I supposed to be going north, but I'm going south. So, it was like a veeery looong jooourneeey rounding every edge of Jakarta in three hours with a 'lovely' TransJakarta. By the way, I'm all alone at that moment and I always get lost when I'm going somewhere by myself. Hahaha. 

When I was so confused in searching Pondok Indah Lestari, two beautiful hijabers came by and I was straightly asked them, "Hijabers Community?" They smiled and show me the right way to PIL. They are Kak Yuni and Kak Rani. Very kind of them, they seemed understand my hopeless lonely face, so they asked me to join with them. Whaa, what a lovely hijabers :)

Top: Kak Yuni
Bottom: Kak Rani
When we came, PIL was very crowd with awesome Hijabers! It was the first time for me seeing soo many Hijabers that had so many different awesome style and beauty. My heart was beating up. Inspiration everywhere! Yay!

Hijabs as long as your eyes could see

Ria Miranda's Shabby Chic Fashion Show

The awesome Ina Rovi sang "Pelangi  Hati"

Beauty in Hijab everywhere

Great Bazaar

Overall, I enjoyed this event very very satisfiedly (unless the TransJakarta's problemotico.) ! Can't wait for Hijabers Community's next event ! 

With HC Committee

Top: Hana Faridl and Fifi Alvianto from Hijab Scarf

What a Day ! 
Thanks Hijabers Community for making such a nice event !

What I wore:

Babbling Lady:

Funny thing happen when Irviene met Mrs. Hana Faridl. She was very excited mixed with  not-straight-brain-having. She said, "Are you Hana Tajima?" Mrs. Hana laughed and said, "Noo, Hana Tajima is still in London!"

Haha, another stupidity of you!

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  1. Cool.. :D
    three hours late..

  2. hahaha yes yesssss :P

  3. Anonim says:

    Found you from street hijab, and so, nice to meet you.
    3 jam telat dan Hana Tajima, itu #ngakak banget :)
    sayang aku ga dapat free pass-nya waktu itu.

  4. hahaha... seneng bisa bikin kamu ngakak :D
    nice to meet you too fromoktin! btw, panggilannya apa nih? :)

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