New Line on the Floor: Retroverso Go-Go!


Retroverso Go-Go, the brand new online store for vintage and retro look lover with a very affordable price. 

KODE : T1-3
Full Brown Vintage Satchel Bag
Price : IDR 60.000,-

KODE : B1-7 

Classic Black Coat
Price : IDR 60.000,-
BUY NOW : IDR 50.000,-

KODE : B1-8
Full Printed Black and White Vest
Price : IDR 35.000,-

KODE : B1-8
Broken Pink Pastel Vintage Blazer
Price : IDR 40.000,-

KODE : T1-2
Brown Vintage Leather Bag
Price : IDR 40.000,-


Check the whole lookbook here
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Retroverso Go-Go also available in GoGirl! Store. Cekidot here 

Psst. SALE only on MARCH !!

Babbling Lady:

Go-Go-Go ! 

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  1. Up up, bantu ngelarisin lapak gan, wkakkaa

  2. thanks gaan ..
    ajak temen2 bantu sundul gaaan

    dipilih2 . haha

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