Police: Not Always a Corruptor, huh?


It's so nostalgic. I was opening and closing my notebook's folder randomly and found this.


It was my do-it-yourself documentary video, made with Ema Hari and Alda Febrimora for Police for Tourism Competition. Luckily, we won  the 5th place for the best video. I don't know why we won. Hahaha. For me it's such a mess, because we made it in deadline-day, but I was pretty satisfied knowing that we could make it on time. It was my very very first time making such a documentary video. I want to share to all of you in my newly-born Youtube Account *smiling widely* (but I don't know how to upload it well because of SME's copyright thing. *sigh*)

And we also entered Photo Competition about Police, won 2nd place in this competition, too


By the way, making this video and taking these pictures make me knew that police is not always corrupt and do ironical things compared with their real job. We had so many polices helping us in our project. They were very kind to us and tell some story about how they feel about being sterotyped.

Moral of the story: Don't generalize people with the same tone. I mean, don't make a stereotype about police, about punkers, about Remaja Masjid, or about Celebrities. If your mind starts doing it, then stop it as soon as possible.

Celebration night after Kick Andy on-air show

Oh, that's the first and the last trophy I've got from first being college student until now. WTF. (I mean, What The Fun?! haha). 

Darn, I'm soo missing being productive and spirited so much like I did before!

Babbling Lady:

Remember S Club 7 song, hey Irviene!
~~don't stop, never give up. Hold your head high and reach the top. Let the world see what you have got. Bring it all back to you~~

Late is better than doing nothing!

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  1. Unknown says:

    wow, ini yang dulu di markplus itu yakkk.... sukses Pin!

  2. iya kak ..

    sukses juga buat kak rosyiiid yuhuuuu

  3. Waaaahhhh... apaann niihh ?
    keyen lah keyeen... :2thumb:

  4. keyeeen? sok imuut deh kaak :P
    makasih kak .. tapi itu eventnya udah jaman dulu banget kok

  5. yaaayyy...
    thanks... sure, i'm so cuteee.. =))
    keep spirit n do what you want to do..

  6. hahahaha .. yeeee ada kata SOK nya yaaaaa .. harap diperhatikan!
    haha .. iya kak .. makasih banyak semangatnya! i will do whatever my heart want to do!
    yeeaaah. uwwwoooh (semangat membara, :D)

  7. hebatt kak pipinnn!! :)

  8. rona lebih hebaaat!!

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