Hijabers all over the world, READ THIS!


Several months ago, I knew Maria Elena, from her blog. Maria is a Malaysian blogger and also hijabers that makes the new trend of fashion in veil in Malaysia with her hijaber blogger friends (called The Scarflets). When I first knew her blog, I was like... loving her at the first sight. She is one of my role model. In my eyes, she has a great life, because she is living it with never ending learning. And one thing that I admire from her is... she is very funny in an original way!
Her latest post is the most mesmerizing post of her blog, entitled "Tentang Hijab", about the way Malaysian muslimah have become nowadays (and also, Indonesian muslimah, in my opinion). It's about fashion, that become kind of obsession in hijabers eyes. This post kick me in a very modest way. Enjoy!

fashion becomes an obsession. modelling becomes a passion.beautification becomes a necessity.
muka bogel takde eyeliner pun dah rasa resah. dapat gambar photoshoot, rasa bangga sampai upload merata-rata (blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter, etc) expecting people to tell you how good you're looking. parallel to that, jadi riak, and riak is salah satu attributes yang Allah SWT hina.*slaps myself real hard*
how la like that?
what will happen if the younger generations who wears the hijab terjebak with all this craze and influenced by it, thinking that looking good, being fashionable and photoshoots are more important than learning/improving? how about when they start to crave for fame?i worry that they will spend more energy on being beautiful and getting noticed, hence become more materialistic and self-obsessed than they should be, forgetting the fact that whatever were given naturally, are blessings from Allah SWT. ~MARIA ELENA

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  1. menusuk dan mengenai esensi..superb sekali, pipin :)

  2. maria elena really is superb woman!

  3. great! Actually, this is what my sister and I always discussing of. :)

  4. :) you're on the right track then .. x)

  5. nohok banget ka pipin! selama ini sering banget ngerasain apa yang ditulis maria elena, dan nggak habis-habis ngerenunginnya.

  6. iya ratri! mengingatkan kita buat kembali ke "jalan yang benar", ya ngga? :)

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