My high school boy

Tahu ngga, tanda-tanda seorang penulis lagi galau?
Dia akan mengedit terus tulisannya sebelum mengakhiri titiknya yang pertama.
Dari mana saya tahu? Hahaha, saya sedang mengalami fase itu sekarang.

Feel like remembering the old days when I was young and restless, when I was liking someone in high school without any guts to say to him for almost... two years? Hahaha. At the end, I said to myself it's time to stop. It's time to surrender from this kind of feeling. So, I started to forget him. But, you know, you never really really forget someone if you have a plan to do it. It's like, "Okay, I have to forget him... I have to forget himmm..." but actually your mind kept thinking about his name at the same time you try!

When you want to forget someone, just don't. You'll failed. My experiences guarantee it.

It's okay to feel that thing, even he doesn't like or love you back. Accept that you like him. Accept that your ego doesn't want the feeling of being a girl who like the boy that doesn't like you. Accepting is very important part of releasing. When you accept it, you'll see that condition is become your friend, not your problem.
When I accept that I like him, days gone brighter to me. And many beautiful things come around. Nope, it's not come actually. It's exist for so long, but I ain't recognized it because I was so busy looking my problem, so I can't see my beautiful things around me.

You know what, I said that I liked him when times had gone by and I can release him from my heart. And I feel so sorry to myself. 

Why don't I do that early?

It's not about his acceptance. Actually, he didn't even say any single thing of my confession, because he never like me. Hahaha.
After I do that, I was like, removing a giant rock behind my back that I brought for a loooong time. Knowing his feeling about me, whatever it is, is more relieving than just wondering his feeling, for so long. 
The best part of this act is, you'll feel you're the bravest man on earth...

Releasing you feeling is so damn good for your life and your health, truly.

Hey peeks, if you like someone right now. Say it. It's better knowing the truth than never.
Have a braveheart. a hero always have a braveheart. Be a hero to yourself!

Babbling Lady:
Thanks my high school boy. You know what, in teaching me things... you're so amazing!

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  1. :3 gini dong emoticonnya? haha

  2. read your post is like playback my highschool memory, almost same. Guess what? he feel it too!hhaha We are a hero!. :)And that's unforgettable! unfortunately. :P

  3. yes, can never be forgotten, rona! :)
    bisa diceritain ke anak cucu nanti :D

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