It has been 5 years...

since my last post in this was-beloved-blog. 

A long night it is today, alongside high energy to just do something that my heart wants me to. 

Turns out...

My heart wants to go back writing through this blog again. 

Writing anything. 

 Five years of dormant makes me ponder. Why did I turn aside from something that I used to love so dearly?

Five years have changed huge chunks of a "Me". 

20 kilos heavier.
Four times of changing jobs. 
Moved to different city after 10 years. 
Roller coaster-like mental health.
Love pink, blue and purple instead of black & white

Yet five years, at the same time, have not changed another chunks of "Me".

Still into fashion, but not as professional work.
Still prefer to receive "Words of affirmation" as love language.
Still a procrastinator. 
Still an ambivert who enjoys company & crowd, yet sometimes is anxious to do so. 

Today, at 2:03 AM, I got a message:

Let's not forget who you are. 
You, who are expressive.
You, who are joyful and loving inside.
You, who are way way way more than your negative self talk and overthinking byproduct thoughts.

You, who write from the heart. 

Hello you. Let us start all over again, shall we?


Selangor, 1 December 2019

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